Meet our fantastic team of Ninjas, ready to help you reach your productivity potential:

Tracy Parks

Director, Productivity Ninja

Tracy@Simplicated-040_rt_full-sizeWhat I do

I am passionate about helping organizations, businesses and professionals create a productive environment to accomplish their work and enjoy their lives.  Today that often includes assisting individuals leverage the power of technology and workflow approaches that support productivity.

Why I do it

I’ve always loved puzzles and figuring out how to make things work, particularly when it means working with someone to make a little piece of their world work better. So many professionals are overwhelmed with managing their time, space, information and technology.  I see these as parts of a puzzle that can be arranged in a unique and beautiful way that brings clarity of mind, a deep sense of calm, a strong sense of competence and creative, productive momentum.  My joy comes in partnering with organizations, teams and  individuals to help them create just that.

My background

As the founder and owner of five successful businesses it has been a privilege to corral the learning and expertise of those experiences to offer tangible insight, support and solutions for the often overwhelmed professional.  This has included one on one work with industry leaders as well as work at a team level for local government municipalities and a host of Fortune 500 employees and executives such as The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Boeing, Xerox, Mercedes Benz, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, and T-Mobile.

I’ve been at Inbox Zero for over a month; I’m now at the point where I can call this “life-changing.

Melissa Dillon | Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

33 fun things to know about me…
  • I've yet to meet a warm body of water I didn't jump in to at the first opportunity; even if it means getting my street clothes wet.
  • Keeping with the water theme; Scuba Diving is a favorite sport; open water dives, cave diving, night diving, deep dives and Manta Ray dives; just get me in the water!
  • I love to cook and trained with James Beard.

Kristina Johnsen

Social Media Marketing & Client Logistics Coordinator

What I do

I help manage and promote the Think Productive USA brand through online platforms and communication. Marketing is a passion of mine, especially when I get to talk about being productive all the time. I also help develop content for our website and connect with current and potential clients

Why I do it

It’s really inspiring to be able to work for a company that is focused on helping others be productive and achieve a work-life balance. I thrive on making processes more efficient and being organized and Think Productive helps people achieve those things.

My background

My marketing, public relations and organization savvy came to the forefront of my skill set and passion when working with a busy television broadcaster as the Digital Media Manager and in coordinating content for two non-profit organizations.

a top notch training that goes directly to improving our bottom line

Adam S. | T-Mobile USA

33 fun things to know about me…
  • I’m a big sports fan, particularly college football. #GoDucks
  • I love crafting and DIY projects. I can get lost on Pinterest for days
  • I’ve never been to Europe. Hope to get there in the next few years.
melissa gheen

Melissa Gheen

Productivity Ninja

What I do

As a productivity coach and trainer, aka Productivity Ninja, I deliver workshops and training to clients who are committed to reducing stress at work, increasing productivity and living a healthy lifestyle. It is not only about accomplishing what is important, it is about creating a sense of calm along the way.

Why I do it

My passion for productivity first started with my own desire for change. I wanted to stop over-extending myself and find ways to work better so I could enjoy life. I quickly realized that many of my colleagues (attorneys) developed unhealthy, unproductive work habits and I wanted to help change that, despite some “naysayers” of the bunch. It’s been my mission to help others, both inside and outside the legal field, be able to learn how to reach their potential by working better and at the same time living life to its fullest. Being able to facilitate this change is what gets me excited each morning.

My background

As a former practicing attorney, I understand how overwhelmed and stressful a day can be. I started Productive Difference, a productivity coaching business in 2012 and have enjoyed working with attorneys on helping them create better work practices, schedule and lifestyle habits. I’ve since joined forces with Think Productive as a Productivity Ninja, and am helping more individuals and businesses start their journey to reaching ninja-level productivity and creating a lifestyle that promotes less stress and more balance.

There isn't a company out there that couldn't use these services

Dan | Raleigh NC

33 fun things to know about me…
  • I love to bead (Michael’s is my friendly bead store)
  • I take a dance class at the gym and absolutely love it (I maintain this perception that I actually know what I am doing and look good doing it. I don’t dare look at the mirror for fear I will be mortified!)
  • I enjoy an occasional nap (turn on my noisy fan, even in the dead of winter, and off to dream-land I go)

Emma Gibbins

Marketing Coordinator

What I do

I create content with a focus on productivity and time-management training.  Writing is my favourite part of the job so it’s great to be able to write for our blog and for publications which are of interest to potential clients. I also manage our social media channels and support our Productivity Ninjas to connect with clients.

Why I do it
I’m extremely organized and enjoy a healthy work-life balance. I love Think Productive’s ethos that people shouldn’t struggle with this balance – something I believe is important for a happy and healthy life. Productivity Ninjas emphasis that while every job has some stress – we can help you make it more manageable and enjoyable!

My background
My writing skills, brand awareness and attention to detail stem from my experience with various media organizations, where I have worked as an intern and Editorial Assistant. I’m excited to help people to introduce their own methods self-development training and become Productivity Ninjas!

the ninja
3fun things to know about me…
  • I have a twin brother
  • I’ve been to New York three times and I’m already planning my next trip
  • My ultimate goal is to hot air balloon over the Grand Canyon

Graham Allcott

Director and Productivity Ninja

My expertise

I specialize in personal organizational systems, strategies to deal with the information overload and ‘action management’. I am a naturally ‘too strategic to be organized’ person but have trained myself to be productive throughout the development of personal workflow systems and developing the power of good habits.

Why I do it

Forcing myself to develop good workflow habits has been tough – I’m a typical strategic ‘flake’! – so my work gives me the immense satisfaction of telling people that if I can do it, they can too.

My background

My transition from charity chief executive to freelance consultant was what inspired Think Productive. Realising I’d have to manage without a PA and a great team of ‘do-ers’, I began reading about workflow and productivity tools, and developing ways to ensure maximum productivity. I now run 2 companies (the other being social enterprise consultancy, Fruitful Consulting), I’m Chair of international development charity READ International, a trustee of Centrepoint and an acoustic singer songwriter.

Graham’s commitment, enthusiasm and sheer pleasure at seeing his simple advice take effect were catching

Tom Levitt | (MP) House of Commons

3fun facts about me…
  • I am a huge Aston Villa fan, travelling a 350 mile round-trip for every home game.
  • I used to be “Hugh Bear”, the giant mascot for Warwickshire County Cricket Club.
  • I am utterly terrible at household DIY. Don’t even let me near a shelf!

Elena Kerrigan

Chief Operating Officer

My expertise

I’ve worked in a wide range of companies and often I’ve seen the same problems repeated: failure to maintain focus at meetings and to follow up actions; problems with staff motivation and stress; information overload and reinvention of the wheel. I always find myself analysing why a procedure isn’t working properly or how we can document and share lessons learnt. I notice the things that work too and try to learn from an effective management style or a brilliant meeting chairperson who sticks to the agenda with a strong sense of objectives.

Why I do it

I’m one of those people who is always looking for the most efficient way to do everyday tasks or for fun ways to motivate myself to do those tasks I don’t particularly want to do. I find the psychology behind the way people work fascinating and I’m constantly inspired by those little tricks that make life a little bit easier (like turning off email alerts!).

My background

My interest for exploring productivity, motivation and knowledge-sharing began at University where I studied organizations and productivity as part of my Economics degree. As soon as I entered the business world, I saw how the theories functioned in practice. Throughout my career, I have found myself drawn to projects that aim to improve the sharing of information and to help teams “do things smarter”.

Elena was more than happy to accommodate our needs and work with us

Sam Netherwood | Stockport Homes

3fun facts about me
  • I’m in an improvised comedy troupe.
  • I was once on the “And Finally” bit of “ITV News at 10″, dressed up (and monkeying around) as Dr Zera, at the Planet of the Apes 2001 London Premiere.
  • I was the Stand-by Costumer for Rhys Ifans on the (surely?) underrated classic, Mr Nice.