• Format

    3 - 3½ hour workshop

  • Breakdown

    50% group training and discussion, 50% individual at-desk implementation

  • Participants


  • Results

    99% of participants get their inboxes to zero on the day (or within 24 hours) after our workshop.

  • Key Benefits
    • Get your inbox to zero on the day and know how to keep it there
    • Email overload under control - so you're able to focus and produce your best work

Our practical email training ensures real change happens during the workshop, rather than just talking about it!

If your inbox is overloaded and email is taking over your working life, spend half a day with us and we’ll help you get it all under control. You’ll see email in a different way and learn to love it again.

Practical individual at-desk implementation, supported by your Productivity Ninja® will help you clear your inbox by the time we leave. We’ll offer you tools to help convert emails into actions as well as tips, tricks and Ninja-style email moves for your organisation’s software.

Making it Stick!

We’re passionate about creating real change that lasts and truly embedding new habits. That’s why every workshop participant gets a copy of Graham’s book, practical handouts and a reward for those who get their Inbox to Zero on the day (or within 24 hours!), as well as exclusive online access to The Productivity Ninja Academy.

Did you know? We can also deliver this Workshop in Spanish, Dutch, English, French and German!