How Encouraging Teamwork Can Boost Your Productivity

20/10/2015 |

TeamworkFrom large corporations with staff world-wide staff to a micro business with a few key team members, teamwork is integral to the success of any company.

Pursuing a common goal your team will focus together rather than wander in pursuit of what they believe to be the right direction and instilling teamwork creates a work community, coordinating and supporting work towards common goals.  Below are a few ideas for keeping the lines of communication open.

1. Assign tasks and job duties based on skill, interest and the needs of the team. Not necessarily in that order by the way.
2. Create synergy by working to assure that  every team member is aware of his or her part in completing a project or getting work done.
3. Include team members in goal setting and map out strategies to meet daily, weekly & monthly goals as well as quarterly and annual goals.
4. Develop a top notch orientation process and involve existing team members in the orientation of new peers.
5. Set an expectation for high standards and encourage coaching and mentoring among your team members.
6. Create meaningful ways to recognize achievements which will foster meaning, value, fun, harmony and motivate others to achieve as well.
7. Build a culture of open communication and lively debate; empower everyone to share progress as well as challenges.
8. Keep an eye (and ear) open for and diffuse any undercurrents, side conversations, alliances or cliques.

Sneak a peak at this infographic for more ideas.

“It’s not teams, per se,” said Kathryn Shaw, the Ernest C. Arbuckle Professor of Economics at Stanford GSB, “It’s having an environment that supports teamwork. You need a group of experts coming together to solve a complex problem. You’re bringing people together because no one person can solve the problem as well as the group.”

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