How To Create Clear, Concise and Actionable Email

7/8/2015 |

If you are looking for ideas for creating messages that are read and responded to quickly, strengthen the body of your email message by adopting an acronym to provide a consistent framework for every message you create, there are three ways you can do this.


An excellent approach touted by Mike Song, author of the Hamster Revolution; craft every message with the call to action first and foremost, add some white space then bullet point or number the background points. A bit more white space and finish with a close that includes any next steps and by all means a professional signature.

ABC email



Standing for ‘Situation, Background, Assessment and Recommendation‘, is a technique often used for prompt and appropriate communication in the health care organizations


This acronym (Specific Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound), reminds you to create communications with attention to an effective subject line, a message that is formatted for a quick read, addressed to the right folks, recipient focused and timely!

Can you imagine how much better you’d be able to manage email if every message you received arrived in a format that provided such clarity?  We can help your team or organization create an adopt your own email manifesto with our Email Etiquette workshops.

Have another formatting acronym; share it with us by commenting below or tweeting us @thinkproductiveusa.

This post was written by Tracy Parks, Productivity Ninja in Portland Oregon.

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