Is there a “D” in Energy?

26/3/2015 |

ExerciseEver find yourself staring at the actions and items you could be doing, yet lacking the energy to do anything?    Of course challenges such as overwhelm, procrastination, distraction and lack of energy are all possible causes for inactivity, but recently a lack of energy in a particular way really threw a wrench in the works of my personal productivity.

Did you know that three-quarters of U.S. teens and adults are deficient in vitamin D, the so-called “sunshine vitamin”?  I happen to be one of them. A British study made the scientific link between vitamin D and mitochondrial activity, which plays an essential role in generating energy in your body.

Energy in your body certainly plays a crucial role in productivity and your ability to think productively. So give your energy a boost with a walk outdoors on a sunny day as sunlight is a natural source of vitamin D; 10-15 minutes provides you a good dose.

Vitamin D rich foods include fortified milk, salmon, Portobello mushrooms and tofu. If a blood test reveals your levels below the normal range (as this Productivity Ninja recently found herself); opt for a supplement to kick up your level, and then plan on mindfully including a walk in your daily regime or Vitamin D rich foods in your diet.

So, is there a “D” in Energy? The answer appears to be yes; Vitamin D. Do you have an energy tip of your own? Tell me about about it @thinkprodUSA


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