Managing your work; it’s possible with CORD

23/4/2015 |

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There are four stages to our Think Productive workflow process known as CORD; Capture and Collect, Organize, Review and Do. To improve productivity, you must focus on habits that support each of these four stages. Think of it like a chain – one weak link will affect its overall strength. Your productivity is only as good as the weakest of these four crucial elements.

Using CORD to overcome ‘information overload’ Recognizing these four distinct phases of knowledge work Managing Your Work can be a great help when we’re faced with ‘information overload’. Using CORD, you can work out where the ‘blockage’ in your workflow is and which element of the CORD process you have neglected.

Is the bottleneck too much information arriving from too many disparate directions? Perhaps too much information remains undefined and disorganized with no sense of the potential meaning or outcome? Is it because you need to take a step back and revisit priorities and grasp the bigger picture? Or is the time for thinking over and you need to knuckle down and clear the decks by simply getting on with delivering on your commitments?

CORD can act as a diagnostic tool to help you put your attention in the right place and become motivated and in control again. Don’t forget! Follow us on Twitter thinkproductiveUSA for daily tips and workshop opportunities.

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