Procrastinate; we all do it.

11/3/2015 |

Tracy-headshotWell, at least most of us do and that’s OK;  in fact, its normal. It’s when procrastination is negatively affecting your life that you need to try and do something about it.

Fun fact: Dr. Piers Steel, a psychologist at the University of Calgary found that 95% of people confess to at least occasional procrastination with 25 % of people confessing to chronic procrastination, five times the rate in the 1970s. He attributes the increase to the changing nature of the workplace; the more flexible jobs become, the more opportunities to avoid unpleasant tasks.

Let’s face it, when we decide not to deal with something it’s really unlikely that “something” will go away; rather our list of to do’s becomes longer and larger.

Take a tip from productivity leader and colleague Graham Allcott who suggests four reasons you may be procrastinating about a given task or project. He defines them as “DUST”;  the work is either difficult, it’s undefined, is perhaps a bit scary, or just plain tedious. Why not take a moment to decide which attribute of “DUST”  applies to your situation and take a creative step towards moving that task forward. Tip: One of our favorite approaches to jump start procrastination is the Pomodoro technique!

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