Productivity Ninja Characteristic: Weapon-Savvy

3/12/2015 |

In November we focused on being weapon-savvy. This particular Productivity Ninja characteristic focuses on using the right tools to be more effective.

There are a range of tools out there to help keep us on top of our game. As Graham Allcott, author of best selling book ‘How To Be A Productivity Ninja’, explains in this video there are two types of tools that you need to have in your armory as a Productivity Ninja:

-Thinking tools: Performing a SWOT analysis (looking at strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats).

-Organizing tools: Using Microsoft Outlook and your smart phone apps to get organized. But beware, don’t fall down the rabbit hole of downloading and using every organization app known to man.

It’s important to note that choosing what to use and being aware of the capabilities of each tool are keys to your success.

As we noted above, there are a lot of tools made available to us to help get things done, don’t get distracted by trying all of them. A quote to keep in mind:

‘Joining a Facebook group about productivity is like buying a chair about jogging.’ – Merlin Mann.

Some of our favorite organizing apps that help us stay productive: Nozbe and Evernote

Do you have a favorite thinking or organizing tool that helps you stay productive? Share them with us @thinkprodusa.

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