Productivity Ninja Spotlight: Jill Mallett

27/1/2016 |


If there is anything we know about Jill it’s that she LOVES to be in a classroom. It doesn’t matter if she is there as a teacher or as a student as long as she is there. Jill is a certified teacher but luckily for Think Productive Canada she is just as passionate about business and therefore wanted to combine these two passions and work with us! After finishing her teaching degree Jill didn’t see herself in a traditional classroom environment and decided to start her own sales business instead. Years later when she realized that her favorite part of sales was to teach people about products, to help her clients improve their businesses and to teach other people how to sell, a light bulb went on for her. Fast forward a few months and here she is, conquering Calgary’s inboxes one workshop at a time! And when she’s not doing that she finds herself in traditional classrooms from time to time still working with “at risk” teenagers.

How does she fit it all in you ask? Well like any good Productivity Ninja she has her systems and habits. Jill is a self-described “doer” and starts most days very early with a vitamin drink, vigorous exercise followed by lots of caffeine. She will often leave the house without her wallet or matching mittens but she wouldn’t dream of leaving the house without her day-timer (yes the paper kind). Jill captures the many random ideas and thoughts in her various context lists that live on her Teux Deux app throughout the day – how else could she possibly remember the title of the book she wants to read next?! And she has recently become obsessed with the simple brilliance of using categories in Outlook.

Jill’s best productivity secret though is to carve out lots of space for FUN! On weekends you don’t find this girl at home, she is either on her mountain bike or skis (weather dependent of course!). And then shares a lot of good red wine, preferably a Napa Cab, with friends after all her outdoor fun. Jill and her husband are currently planning a “bucket list” trip to Moab Utah in the early spring for a mountain biking trip.

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