Get-your-inbox-to-zeroThe Inbox Zero Challenge For Outlook Users

Email becoming a monster? Inbox out of control? Join Think Productive  for the Inbox Zero Challenge and discover all the Ninja tips and tricks you need to get your inbox to zero and keep it there!

The average worker spends 41% of their time on email management and the volume of email each of us receives is doubling every 4-5 years.  With more than half of all workers feeling stressed by the amount of email they receive, it’s time to take control.

Understand the best approaches for managing email in a fast paced ever changing world and (under the tutelage of a Productivity Ninja) implement a step by step approach toward clearing your inbox . You’ll also discover tips, tricks and tried and tested “Ninja email” moves specific to Outlook.

 What you’ll experience:

I’m three weeks out from the two workshops and proud to say I am at zero Inbox every day, no stress, no notifications and I’m LOVING my job again”.

“I’ve been at Inbox Zero for over a month; I’m at the point where I can call this “life-changing”.


Thursday, June 9, 2016

How This Works:

9:00 am PDT Live webinar commences:

This is where we challenge your mindset, show you the tools and give you everything you need to get your inbox to zero – and keep it there. We’ll offer you a new way to think about email, tools to convert emails into actions, tips, tricks and tried and tested ‘ninja email’ moves.

11:00 am PDT  It’s over to you:

Following the live webinar, we will turn it over to you to implement the step-by step approach we have introduced.  You’ll have access to a fabulous workbook that details the steps plus video tutorials if you prefer visual learning.

In our live (in-person) workshops, 96% of attendees get their inboxes to zero in 90 minutes; we suggest you allow a bit more time working under your own steam which is why we have suggested you block two hours (11:00 to 1:00 PDT)

1:00 pm PDT  Regroup:

We’ll get back together as a group and celebrate our success.  We’ll also have a discussion and answer any questions, award prizes and will wrap up by 1:30 pm


– Investment: $89.99 Ends June 2, 2016

*Check with us regarding group registration and discounts.

Technical Requirements

This virtual (web based) training requires access to the online classroom via a reliable internet connection and a VOIP or telephone connection with a hands-free microphone/headset. You will need access to your desktop version or cloud based exchange account as compared to the Outlook Web App (OWA).


Questions?  Connect via email  or call 541.788.7001