• Format

    90 Minute Seminar

  • Breakdown

    An action-packed combination of presentation, group discussion and individual action planning

  • Participants

    Unlimited (additional cost for numbers over 100)

  • Result

    Inspiration and individual action plans to help develop Productivity Ninja® level skills

  • Key Features
    • Learn the 9 Characteristics of the Productivity Ninja® to improve focus and combat overwhelm
    • Productivity boosting ideas from the simplest techniques to the fanciest new apps
    • Identify specific changes and tactics to improve personal productivity and wellbeing
    • Reflection, inspiration and motivation for your team

We have developed a unique, ninja-like approach to increasing productivity. This short workshop, perfect for conferences and events, will give you an overview of the nine ‘Productivity Ninja’ characteristics you should have to be your most efficient self at work.

We will show you how to keep a zen-like calm, as well as an agile ruthlessness in the face of the enemy – information overload.

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