• Format

    Flexible – up to 6 hours plus lunch, with 1-2 hours follow-up via Skype 2-4 weeks later

  • Breakdown

    Full day one-to-one at-desk consultancy and half a day follow up session two weeks later

  • Participants

    Just 1 (or 2 e.g. Boss and PA)

  • Result

    Become a Productivity Ninja® and regain control over your work and emails. Role model zen-like calm, making space for what matters and wellbeing for your staff.

  • Key Benefits
    • Learn how to overcome information overload by managing attention, rather than time
    • Regain control, clarity and space for big-picture, strategic thinking
    • Use the 9 Characteristics of the Productivity Ninja® to identify specific changes and tactics to improve your personal productivity and wellbeing
    • Learn and implement the 4 key elements of the CORD Model™ to increase productivity and reduce stress

Spend a day on your own with a Productivity Ninja, focusing on improving how you work. They will help you to take control over your workload and your constant influx of emails by sitting at your desk and sorting out all areas of your workflow.

You learn how to improve the management of your emails, procrastination, decision-making, prioritization and gain a greater understanding of your attention span. You will also learn how to work smarter with your assistant.

To make it stick, these changes will be implemented on the day and will be followed up by the Ninja two weeks later.

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